How to Reduce Eye Strain when you are a Heavy Computer User

Heavy computer usage is also known to be one of the common causes of human eye problems. These problems are common especially in developed countries where people use computers more than average. But how much are contacts going to help? They cannot help that much because an average American spends more than 9 hours a day staring at the screen.

Staring the screen for too long can take a toll on one’s eye. There are some necessary steps that you can take to try and prevent the damage. The following are some of those steps that experts have come up with to help you out if you wear either the contact lenses or glasses.

  • Keep some distance:

Your eye doctor just like your mom would advise you not to sit close to the screen. Keeping some distance between you and your screen can help you to prevent your eyes from straining.  The ideal distance between you and the monitor should be 20-30 inches. Ensure that you maintain this distance always.

You can just use your arms if you don’t have anything to measure the distance. Stretch your arm straight, if you can touch the screen with your fingerprints, then that is the ideal distance. Again, another bonus tip; you should make sure that you keep your posture in the right way and elevate your monitor. This will prevent complaints about backache or neck ache in the future.

  • Take a break:

Staring the screen for a long time can make your vision to feel blurry. Taking a break away from the screen after every hour can help your eyes from straining. If possible, try to take and schedule at least six small breaks per day.

When on these breaks, try to stretch your hands and necks. These breaks can also keep you productive because your mind will be fresh, your eyes will also be ready, and above all, they are good for your body. This is why you should ensure that you take these mini breaks.

  • Don’t forget to blink:

Even though it is underrated advice, blinking your eye is also a way of preventing your eyes from straining. When you stare at the screen for long, your eyes may not get the adequate moisture that it should have.

Blinking your eyes keeps the eyes from dryness-serious eye damage. This is why it is advisable that you consistently blink your eyes after every few seconds. You can aim for 10-15 seconds intervals. But even without checking on the intervals, blinking your eyes is already a good step. If you are a contact lens user and you begin to experience eye strain and dryness, then you can try artificial tears.

  • Never underestimate lighting:

Proper lighting can help to reduce eye strain over time. Fluorescent bulbs used in indoor lighting when combined with glare from outside can do more harm than good to your eyes. One of the things you can do is to darken your room with curtains to prevent outside light from coming in, or you can install anti-glare screen on your screen.

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