Lose Half a Stone in a Week

Sometimes you might have a need to lose a lot of weight quickly. Although doctors usually advise against it, it’s actually possible to lose half a stone in a week – without even resorting to unhealthy starvation diets. Losing weight is simply a matter of burning more calories than you consume. By adding plenty of exercise to your daily routine and making smart food choices, losing half a stone in a week is not outside the realm of possibilities.

Daily Weight Loss

To lose a half a stone in a week, it will be necessary to have a daily deficit of approximately 3,500 calories each day. If you can do that each day for a week, mathematically you should be able to lose a total of a half a stone. Although it might sound like a lot, it’s actually easier to accomplish than you might think.

In order to burn 3,500 more calories each day than what you are consuming, it can be helpful to learn how many calories are required for your average daily activities. The number of calories required will vary according to your current body weight. For example, if you currently weigh 14 stone, you’ll burn 480 calories if you sleep for 6 hours. However, if you run at a moderately fast rate for 1 hour, you can burn over 1,000 calories in a single hour. By carefully watching the calories you consume as compared to the calories you are expending through exercise and your normal daily activities, it can be possible to burn 3,500 more calories each day than what you consume.

Keeping Track of Calories

Any time you are trying to lose weight, it can be helpful to keep track of how many calories you are consuming each day as well as how many you are burning. However, if you are trying to lose weight quickly, this activity becomes even more important. The first step should be finding a good activity calorie calculator online or in a book. Then look up how many calories you burn doing your normal activities and exercises. Once you know how many calories you normally burn, figure out a low calorie diet that will result in a deficit of 3,500 calories each day. For most people, this will mean no more than 1,000 calories each day, unless you are extremely active. Once you understand the mathematics of what you are trying to accomplish, losing a half a stone in a week definitely becomes more doable.

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