Keep Your Skin Looking Great While Losing Weight

If you have quite a few pounds that you’d like to lose, you might be worried about ending up with loose or sagging skin. Almost everyone has seen this happen to a friend, family member or acquaintance at least once. The person goes on a diet and loses the pounds, but their skin never seems to snap back into shape afterwards. They end up looking as though their skin no longer fits their body properly. Although their figure looks great and their overall health is much improved, their sagging skin seems to mar their overall success.

Fortunately, this doesn’t have to happen to you when you try to lose weight. If you’d like to learn how to avoid sagging skin with weight loss , try a few of these helpful tips.

Don’t Go on a Drastic “Crash” Diet

Losing weight too quickly is one of the prime culprits of loose and sagging skin. When you lose weight by going on a “crash” diet, your skin simply cannot keep pace with your rapidly changing body shape and size. The end result is skin that is now too large for your body.
Additionally, extremely low calorie diets are often lacking in proper nutrition. Without the nutrients your skin needs in order to stay healthy, elastic and resilient, it will tend to sag and look unhealthy after you’ve lost the weight.

A Better Approach

Instead of focusing on how quickly you can shed the pounds, try choosing a slower and more sensible weight loss plan. Losing weight at a more gradual pace can be healthier for your body and better for your skin. Eat a diet that is high in essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals but low in calories, fat, sugar and food additives. Although you won’t experience the super-fast weight loss that you might desire, you’ll still lose weight. However, because you will be losing the pounds at a slower pace, your skin will have a better chance to un-stretch and snap back into shape.

Drinking plenty of water while you are dieting can also be helpful. The extra moisture will help keep your skin soft, supple, stretchy and resilient, thus reducing the chance of saggy or loose skin. Drinking more water while dieting can also help flush toxins and wastes from the body, which can also contribute to healthier skin.

By following a sensible diet approach and focusing on overall health instead of super-fast weight loss, your skin will end up looking just as great as your new slimmer figure.

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