A Treat a Day Helps Keep the Pounds Away

Top Diet Plan 200x300 A Treat a Day Helps Keep the Pounds Away

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If you’ve ever been on a restrictive diet plan, you probably experienced cravings for foods you weren’t allowed to have at one point or another. In some cases, you might have been able to control your cravings and as a result were able to stick to your restrictive diet plan. However, it’s also highly probable that sometimes you gave in to your cravings. In fact, your cravings might have even snowballed into an overeating binge or giving up on your diet completely.

It’s human nature to want the kinds of foods that one shouldn’t have on a weight loss diet. But instead of totally denying your cravings until they force you to go completely overboard, why not limit yourself to one small treat a day? Here are a few creative ways that you can reward yourself for sticking to your diet while keeping your cravings under control at the same time.

Planning Your Daily Treat

Planning is the key to indulging your cravings without going totally overboard. If you take the time to think about what your daily treat will be and when you will eat it, you’ll force yourself to make conscious decisions. Instead of snacking randomly, you’ll have the chance to plan and then look forward to your treat. For example, although you probably don’t really get too much enjoyment out of that handful of cookies you mindlessly consume while cooking dinner, you’d probably savor the goodness of a couple of cookies as an after-dinner treat. After all, if you’re going to indulge in a treat, you should get as much enjoyment out of it as possible. Otherwise, you’re simply wasting the calorie consumption.

Limit the Amount of the Treat, not the Treat Itself

In order to get full enjoyment from your daily treat, you shouldn’t limit yourself to snacks that are healthy or low in calories. Instead, allow yourself to choose any kind of snack that would satisfy your cravings. However, instead of eating an unlimited amount of the snack food, set a daily calorie level. For example, if you really crave a piece of chocolate, limit yourself to 100 calories of chocolate instead of eating an entire chocolate bar. Most people are surprised to discover that they are usually just as satisfied with a small snack as they are with a larger one. Not only will you satisfy your cravings, but you’ll also get some practice in portion control.

Don’t Feel Guilty

If you find yourself feeling guilty about indulging in a daily treat, simply remind yourself that you’re NOT breaking your diet. After all, if you’ve planned your treat as part of your daily food plan, you’re actually sticking to your diet, not breaking it. Instead of allowing yourself to feel guilty, focus on truly savoring and enjoying your small treat.