Tips on How to Decrease Thigh Size

If you could not wear that string bikini or Shorty-shorts because your thighs are too big and you are bent to learn how to decrease thigh size, then read on. The thighs are one of the first body muscles that increase in size when a person gets stouter. It is also one of the most prominent of the body parts and one of the body parts that people consider before concluding whether you are sexy or not. Here are pointers on how to decrease thigh size.

Regular Weight bearing  Exercise

You cannot isolate your thigh alone and reduce its size. Your thigh will only decrease when your whole body does likewise too. Recommended exercises for the thighs include weight-baring exercises like weight lifting, and running. Lifting objects with your feet would help too to reduce the size of your thighs.

Watch Those Carbohydrates

“Calories gained equals calories lost” is an equation you should remember, if you want to reduce your thigh size. Carbohydrates and fats are great calorie sources because their most predominant metabolic product, glucose  and triglyceride, are packed with calories that would tremendously increase your weight if there is no way you can exercise and burn off fats from your body.

Do not Starve Yourself

If you think you will lose some of those ugly sagging muscles in your thighs if you starve yourself to death, then that will not happen. Starving yourself will send wrong signals to your digestive and metabolic organs to slacken off in their functions. Instead, eat small but frequent meals so that your organs would “know” that they should always be ready to metabolize what you ingest.

Thigh-reducing drugs

Thigh reducing drugs are similar to your weight-reducing drugs because you cannot isolate your thigh from your body and treat it alone. You have to consider the whole body. As previously mentioned, drugs and invasive methods should be your last recourse. Choose natural treatment if it is available.


This is the last recourse among your choices of treatment. Non-invasive procedures are most often the best choices in treating diseases and conditions because they have fewer side effects. Liposuction is not highly recommended especially to persons who are immuno-compromised.  If the fats in your thighs are life-threatening then liposuction may be performed. Since it uses suction to eliminate the fats, a well trained and expertly skilled professional should perform the procedure.

These are some of the options you can adapt. If you have a disease or condition that already exists, you have to treat that first before dealing with the problem on how to reduce your thigh size.